At Graphic Brighton 2019, John Miers and Paul Fisher Davies drew sketchnotes on Saturday 4th May, the second day of the symposium, before, during and after their panel on their own artistic practice.
Here are their terrific sketches of the day…

10.15am Performing comics for research: Ian Hornsby, Jodie Hawkes, Pete Phillips (all University of Chichester) / (Chair: Alex Fitch, University of Brighton)

Ian, Jodie and Pete discuss the connections between comics and theatre, as part of Search Party‘s proposed 12 Acts of Kindness initiative .

11.15am Using comics as documentation: Paul Fisher Davies (University of Sussex), John Miers (University of the Arts, London)/(Chair: Clari Searle, University of Coventry)

John draws Paul talking about the art of sketchnoting and Paul draws John talking about using other comic creators’ work to inform his own biographical comics.

12.15pm Using comics for biography: Ben Dickson, Richy K Chandler, Ottilie Hainsworth

Richy and Ottilie discuss using biography and autobiography to inform their comics to help people with personal issues.

Ben talks about using historical research to create a graphic novel that deals with a father’s PTSD.

3pm Using comics to explain ideas: Dr. Louisa Buck (University of Brighton), Ian Horton (University of the Arts, London), and Daniel Locke (Chair: Barbara Chamberlin, University of Brighton)

Louisa discusses dramatising the life of Sysiphus based on her research into the use of his myth in political cartoons…

Ian talks about the Applied Comics Network of creators informing the public about their work, and Dan explores his career as a cartoonist so far, on projects in collaboration with Rewilding Sussex and the Wellcome Centre.

4pm “A Designer’s brush with Comics”: talk by George Hardie (Hipgnosis) / (Chair: Alex Fitch, University of Brighton)

George discusses his graphic design practice and interest in Tintin and other comics as a source of ideas.

Bonus image: Paul Fisher Davies included sketches from Graphic Brighton 2015 in his presentation…


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