Graphic Brighton 2022 – Comics by and for young people, is a FREE event at the University of Brighton (Edward Street building), with talks, panel discussions, book signings and a workshop on how to make your own comics.

Friday 27th May consists of talks by academics and local creators about childrens comics, Saturday 28th invites a variety of creators including former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen to the University to chat about their work and sign comics, plus a workshop by young graphic novelist Coco Kirkland.

In order to make sure we have enough seats, please book FREE tickets by clicking on the links (underlined days / times) below, if you would like to attend several / different sessions at this comics festival. N.B. if you want to attend all five events, you need to reserve tickets for all five!

Friday 27th May, 11.30am – 6pmdaytime academic talks from former Comics Laureate Hannah Berry, authors Helen Bate, Daniel Locke and Richy Chandler, comics experts Paul Fisher Davies, Helen Jones, Stephen Silverwood, Deniz Altındağ and Dona Pursall, and many more.

Friday 27th May, 6.15pm – 7.30pmBob Molesworth (Star Wars Lego comics) and Richy K. Chandler (Eco Kids Planet Magazine / Wallace & Gromit comic strips) discuss their work.

Saturday 28th May, 10.15am – 2.45pmdaytime comic creator talks by various cartoonists including Zoom Rockman (The Beano), Jaime Huxtable (G Bear and Jammo), Matt Baxter (The Phoenix), Zara Slattery (Tomboy), Sally Kindberg (The Comic Strip History of the World) and Woodrow Phoenix (Donny Digits).

Saturday 28th May, 1pm – 3pmworkshop on comic book creation run by Coco Kirkland (Project: Immortality), who had his first graphic novel published when he was 16 years old!

Saturday 28th May, 3pm – 4.15pmMichael Rosen and Cole Henley talk about recreating Michael’s book You’re Thinking About Tomatoes as a new graphic novel.

Full listing of events:

Fri 27th May

11.30am: Combining comics and podcasts: Former Comics Laureate Hannah Berry & audio producer Lance Dann discuss their multi-media project The Rez about promoting kindness and resilience for kids during lockdown, using science-fiction stories

12.30pm: Panel discussion on Considering new approaches for young readers: Helen Jones (Goldsmiths College / UCL) discusses Children’s literacy and comics / Dona Pursall (University of Ghent) looks at Censorship in Children’s comics / Stephen Silverwood (Upside Comics charity) investigates bringing Comics to Disadvantaged Children

3.00pm: Panel Discussion on Approaching difficult topics in children’s comics: Helen Bate (Otter Barry Books) discusses her comics on refugees and warfare / Richy K. Chandler (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) talks about his books on parental break-up and dealing with difficult times / Daniel Locke (Nobrow / Bloomsbury) chats about making rewilding and health issues approachable in comics

4.30pm: Panel Discussion on The form and structure of Children’s comics: Alex Fitch (University of Brighton) talks about the use of cross-sections in Children’s Comics / Paul Fisher Davies (South East College, Lewes) discusses the differences and similarities between picture books and comics / Deniz Altındağ (Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts) looks at how narratives for young people deal with memory and identity

6.15pm: Making comics for high street shops: Bob Molesworth (Star Wars Lego Comic) and Richy K. Chandler (Eco Kids Planet Magazine / Wallace & Gromit comics) discuss the fun and occassional frustrations of working with licenced characters for comics sold in UK newsagents

Sat 28th May

Sat 10.15am: Moving between formats: Matt Baxter (The Phoenix) and Danny Noble (The Meow Meows) talk about moving between comics and children’s books, with different types of illustration for different projects.

Distributing comics to young readers: Chris Thompson, & Will O’Mullane from charity Comic Books for Kids UK discuss initiatives to bring comics into hospitals and other medical facilities to help and entertain children (Unfortunately Chris and Will can’t make it to the event, but we are very to have Danny step in to take their place)

Sat 11.15am: Starting at a young age: Coco Kirkland (Project Immortality) & Zoom Rockman (The Beano) chat about breaking into comics as tweenagers, how they came up with their ideas for characters and their experiences of being published when still young

Sat 12.15pm: Designing characters with youthful appeal: Jaime Huxtable (G Bear and Jammo) and Zara Slattery (Tomboy) talk about tailoring their individual styles to create comics for younger readers

Sat 1.00pm Making Comics workshop: Coco Kirkland runs this workshop with advice and practical tips on creating your first comic, desiging characters and getting published

Sat 2.00pm: Humour and young audiences: Sally Kindberg (The Comic Strip History of the World) and Woodrow Phoenix (Donny Digits) talk about bringing their cartoon style to childrens comics and illustrated books to combine humour, storytelling and learning about the world

Sat 3.00pm: You’re Cartooning About Tomatoes: Former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen and artist Cole Henley discuss turning Michael’s much loved book You’re Thinking About Tomatoes into a new comic book / graphic novel, and why comics are a great story telling medium for all ages (with book signing after, if time allows)

University of Brighton, 154 Edward Street, Brighton BN2 0JG

(All talks in room 105, except Coco workshop in room 103)