Clockwise from top left, Hannah Berry and Lance Dann, Michael Rosen and Cole Henley, Danny Noble and Matt Baxter (with Alex Fitch), Zara Slattery and Jaime Huxtable discuss their work at Graphic Brighton 2022

A number of talks and panel discussions recorded at Graphic Brighton have been broadcast on Resonance FM, and subsequently podcast over the last year. If you weren’t able to come along to Graphic Brighton in recent years, these are a great way of catching up with the exciting events that take place in each year’s festival!

These include (recorded at Graphic Brighton 2022):

Panel Borders: Multimedia ComicsAudio producer Lance Dann and graphic novelist Hannah Berry discuss their comic and podcast called The Rez, which is a science-fiction title about kindness aimed at a young audience, how the different formats of storytelling interact, and invite input from readers.

Panel Borders: Unusual BuildingsFormer Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen and artist Cole Henley discuss the comic book adaptation of Rosen’s classic novella You’re Thinking About Tomatoes, in which a boy on a school trip gets embroiled in an adventure with a girl from a painting and a mummy come to life…

Panel Borders: Youth and WellbeingArtists Jaime Huxtable and Zara Slattery about their titles for younger readers including G Bear and Jammo, and Don’t Call Me a Tomboy respectively (and in a Q and A at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Hannah Berry chats to Fun Home author Alison Bechdel).

Panel Borders: Junkyard Jack and Monster FunArtists Matt Baxter and Danny Noble about illustrating Hire a Horror and Junkyard Jack and the Horse that Talked (also, Alex Fitch chats to Danny Noble’s publisher Liz Frances).

Find more Graphic Brighton podcasts on the Panel Borders blog, and the next Graphic Brighton event is tentatively scheduled for Autumn 2023…