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Graphic Brighton 2019 Poster

Graphic Brighton 2019 Poster (Art by Chris Geary)
Graphic Brighton 2019 Poster (Art by Chris Geary)

Here’s the terrific new poster for Graphic Brighton 2019, with art by Chris Geary, adapted from his forthcoming, currently untitled, graphic novel follow-up to Commitment: A Novel about Managing Project Risk (written by Olav Maassen and Chris Matts)

If you work in a comic shop or University, feel free to print out a copy and display it!

Sponsored by University of Brighton Creative Futures and Design Star.

Creative Futures / Design Star logos
Creative Futures / Design Star logos

Graphic Brighton 2019 schedule

Europe Welcomes Careful Drivers (excerpt) by Hannah Berry

Here’s the line-up (barring accidents and emergencies) of this year’s Graphic Brighton Festival at the University of Brighton…

Friday 3rd May

10.15am Using comics to inspire new creators: Hannah Berry (Chair: Alex Fitch, University of Brighton)

11.15am Using comics to create biography 1: Warren Pleece, Ian Williams, Corinne Pearlman (Chair: Clari Searle, University of Coventry)

12.15pm Using comics to explain architecture: Alison Sampson, Owen Pomery,
Jacquelyn Jubert and Joe Robson (AVR London / Anise Gallery)
(Chair: Alex Fitch, University of Brighton)

2pm Using comics to explore sensitive issues: Muna Al-Jawad (workshop)

3pm Using comics to explore history: Ottilie Hainsworth + students from The Phoenix

4pm Using comics to explore a city: Justin Wadlow (Université de Picardie Jules Verne) / (Chair: Alex Fitch, University of Brighton)

Sat 4th May

10.15am Using comics for research: Ian Hornsby (University of Chichester), Jodie Hawkes (University of Chichester), Pete Phillips (University of Chichester) / (Chair: Alex Fitch, University of Brighton)

11.15am Using comics as documentation: Paul Fisher Davies (University of Sussex), John Miers (University of the Arts, London)/(Chair: Clari Searle, University of Coventry)

12.15pm Using comics for biography 2: Ben Dickson, Richy K Chandler, Ottilie Hainsworth

2pm Using comics to explain ideas 1: Chris Geary (workshop)

3pm Using comics to explain ideas 2: Ian Horton (University of the Arts, London), Louisa Buck (University of Brighton), Daniel Locke (Chair: Barbara Chamberlin, University of Brighton)

4pm “A Designer’s brush with Comics”: talk by George Hardie (Hipgnosis) about his practice / (Chair: Alex Fitch, University of Brighton)

University of Brighton Gallery, City Campus, 58–67 Grand Parade, Brighton, BN2 0JY

Graphic Brighton 2019: Making Comics Work is supported by Creative Futures and Design Star

Creative Futures / Design Star logos
Creative Futures / Design Star logos

Save the date!

Excerpt from The Lady Doctor by Ian Williams
Graphic Brighton 2019: Making Comics Work will be taking place at University of Brighton City Campus on 3rd and 4th May, 2019. This year’s event is looking at educational comics, where comics are used to inform readers about topics they’d like to know more about, covering all sort of themes including historical biography, science, medicinal practices, architecture, university research and risk management in business.

Guests include cartoonists and comic creators Ian Williams, Chris Geary, Ottilie Hainsworth, Richy K Chandler, Warren Pleece, Alison Sampson, Owen Pomery, Muna Al-Jawad, Ben Dickson, Daniel Locke and comics laureate Hannah Berry. George Hardie (Hipgnosis) and architects Jacquelyn Cohen and Joe Robson (AVR London), will also be coming along to talk about their practice and use of comics to disseminate their work. The two day event, which will take place in the University gallery, is a mixture of talks, panel discussions and workshops.
Check back here for more info about the event, but in the meantime, save the date!

FREE, 10am-5pm, 3rd and 4th May 2019, University of Brighton City Campus, 58-67 Grand Parade, Brighton BN2 0JY

Sponsored by University of Brighton Creative Futures and Design Star.

Creative Futures / Design Star logos
Creative Futures / Design Star logos

New podcasts

Hannah Eaton, Hannh Berry and Jenni Scott discuss classic Girls Comics at Graphic Brighton presents: Caption
Hannah Eaton, Hannh Berry and Jenni Scott discuss classic Girls Comics at Graphic Brighton presents: Caption

Three new podcasts are available featuring Q and As from Graphic Brighton events…

At Graphic Brighton 2016 – War, Conflict and Resolution:

Kate Evans discusses her graphic biography Red Rosa, which illustrates the life of the Polish Revolutionary, and graphic novel Threads: From the Refugee Crisis

Alex Fitch talks to graphic novelist Dave McKean about his book and multimedia project Black Dog – The Dreams of Paul Nash

At Graphic Brighton presents: Caption (2017)

Jinty website creator Jenni Scott talks to graphic novelists Hannah Eaton and Hannah Berry about how girls comics influence their work

Line-up shuffle

Unfortunately the opening guest speaker on Friday 20th July – George Hardie – isn’t going to be able to join us after all, so zine and comic creator Holly Casio (originally scheduled to talk later in the day) is now going to open the conference with a discussion of her own practice making pamphlets about Bruce Springsteen, as well as a more general discussion about the music zine scene.
Holly has created a number of titles including Me and Bruce, Taking up space, Cool Schmool, Bite Me: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Zine, My Mad Fat Zine, UK Zine Librarians, BruXcore, I love Food Network and Dancing in the dark. She was also in the band The Potentials – a Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed group – so will also be talking about the crossover between music, comics and Buffy fandom…

Cover of Dancing in the Dark zine by Holly Casio (art by Adrian Tomine)
Cover of Dancing in the Dark zine by Holly Casio (art by Adrian Tomine)

Full 2018 programme now online with added Julie Hollings

The programme for this year’s Graphic Brighton is below. The two day event is FREE, but it would be great if anyone wanting to come along could book a ticket in advance, so we can get an idea of numbers, or if we run out of tickets can let people know that the venue(s) have reached capacity.

Also, we’re proud to have a classic 80s comic book artist – as featured in Trident, Wimmen’s Comix, Revolver, Escape and Deadline – Julie Hollings joining us as a guest on July 20th, in conversation with Alex Fitch and Hunt Emerson (when she’ll be able to reminisce with Hunt about working on Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament).

Beryl by Julie Hollings, as featured in Deadline
Beryl by Julie Hollings, as featured in Deadline

Thursday 19th July 19.00-22.30
The Green Room, The Phoenix Gallery, 10-14 Waterloo Place, Brighton BN2 9NB

Accessibility: the Phoenix Gallery’s Green Room is on the ground floor which is fully accessible. There is a ramp at the main entrance and disabled toilets on the same floor.
19.00 – Doors open
19.15 – 20.00 – Music and comics panel with Mark Buckingham, Danny Noble, and Will Potter
20.10 – 20.30 – Musical performance by Mark Buckingham and Chris Harrison, performing tracks from their album Jigsaw Man
20.40 – 22.30 – Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated – the classic 1968 zombie movie reinterpreted by 100 artists with a new live soundtrack DJ-ed by Robin the Fog

Friday 20th July 9.15-18.00

University of Sussex, Pevensey Building 1, Lecture Theatre 1A6, Falmer BN1 9QH.
The University of Sussex campus is easily accessed by train from Brighton (journey time approx. 7 minutes) or by the number 25 bus (also from Brighton).

Accessibility: Pevensey 1 Lecture Theatre 1A6 is wheelchair accessible: please go through the glass doors at the front of the building, and use the elevator, selecting ‘1A6’ button option. Wheelchair accessible toilets are in Chichester 1 building next door – please do let us know if you need any extra assistance on the day.

9.15 – doors open and registration (note, please bring your own tea or coffee, available from multiple outlets on the University of Sussex campus)

9.45-10.30 – George Hardie (Hipgnosis), will be talking about using comics and sequential art in his design work, and discussing the process of designing covers for Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin

10.30-10.50 – tea and coffee (provided)

10.50-12.10 – Panel 1: Visualising sound and musical identities
Chair: Barbara Chamberlin
Peter Hodges (University of South Wales): The Last Temptation: A consideration of the role of sound in comic books
James Sayers (University of Brighton): How sound manifests itself and creates meaning in musical biography, Nick Cave: Mercy on Me
Justin Wadlow (Université de Picardie Jules Verne): Garageland – Punk heroes portrayed in London, New York and Paris: inventing a visual identity for oneself

12.15-13.00 – The Surreal McCoy and David Bramwell discuss the multimedia presentation of comics with musical accompaniment

13.00-13.40 – Lunch (provided, though people with specific dietary requirements are advised to bring their own lunch in case these are not catered for – vegetarian and vegan possibilities will be available)

13.40-15.00 – Panel 2: Counter-cultural musical aesthetics
Chair: Aanchal Vij

Maggie Gray (Kingston University): The Sound of the Underground: Alan Moore, cartooning and music
Ian Hornsby (University of Chichester): Ed Piskor and the Sirens Song
Christopher Vezza (University of Glasgow): Robert Crumb’s Cheap Thrills Album Artwork: Interpretive Questions and Text/Image Interaction

15.00-15.10 – Short break

15.10-16.30 – Panel 3: Performing comics
Chair: Elle Whitcroft
Holly Casio (zine maker, comics artist and punk musician): Me and Bruce Springsteen: is there anybody alive out there?
Russell Parke (Middlesex University): Rock and Roll Superheroes
Mark Hibbett (University of the Arts, London and musician) and Rob Fleay (musician): The Swingin’ Sounds of Sixties Marvel

16.30-16.50 – tea / coffee (provided)

16.50-17.40 – Alex Fitch in conversation with Hunt Emerson and Julie Hollings

Poster! Bucky! CFP Extension!

The programme for Graphic Brighton is coming together with talks by Mark Hibbert (University of the Arts, London) and Alan Moore expert Maggie Grey (Kingston University) to look forward to on July 20th. Also, the legendary artist of Fables, Peter Parker: Spider-Man and Neil Gaiman’s Death, Mark Buckingham is joining the line up on July 19th to talk about his interest in music and comics, plus he will also be performing a short set accompanied by Chris Harrison, showcasing tracks from his album Jigsawman.

The poster for the event by the excellent Knockabout artist Hunt Emerson is available to view and print out now…

Graphic Brighton Poster 2018 by Hunt Emerson

…and to aid late running academics who have yet to submit a paper for the academic day at the University of Sussex, the Call for Papers has been extended until Friday July 15th!

Book FREE tickets here:

Tickets now available for Graphic Brighton 2018

This year’s Graphic Brighton festival is headlined from 7pm on Thursday 19th July at The Phoenix, Brighton, by members of the bands Cud (Will Potter), The Meow Meows (Danny Noble) and Howlround (Robin the Fog) who will be talking about their crossover interest in music and comics before a screening of Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated – the classic 1968 zombie movie reinterpreted by 100 artists with a new live soundtrack DJed by Robin the Fog.

Panel from Cud: Rich and Strange by Carl Puttnam, Will Potter (script) and Philip Bond (art)

On Friday 20th July there will be a full day of talks by comic creators – including Hunt Emerson and The Surreal McCoy – and academics on the theme of music and comics at the University of Sussex (Falmer). Also, George Hardie (Hipgnosis), will be talking about designing album covers for Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin and using comics in his design work…

To book a FREE ticket for both / either of these events, please visit

Graphic Brighton 2018: Music and Comics

This year’s Graphic Brighton is on the subject of Music and Comics and is being held in Brighton on July 19th, and at the University of Sussex (Falmer) on July 20th – as with previous events it will mix academic presentations with talks by comic book creators; see full ‘Call for papers’ below…


Call for Papers

Music and comics have had a connection right from the start, with the title of the seminal newspaper strip Hogan’s Alley taken from a popular song by Edward Harrigan. As the 20th Century progressed these two media flirted with each other for inspiration and style, from Marvel comics based on the rock band KISS, to Duran Duran taking their name from Barbarella. Back room printing presses in the 60s and 70s saw the gig flyer and alternative comix emerge side by side, and comic creators from Alan Moore to Richard McGuire have been inspired by music in the creation of their long (play) narratives.

Graphic Brighton 2018 explores the rich and diverse inter-relationship between comics and music. As an event which aims to be interdisciplinary, we invite speakers and contributors from academic and creator-based backgrounds in comics, visual cultures and music so as to open discussion across the disciplines. We invite 20-minute papers themed around, but not limited to, the following:

• Comix, music and the rise of 1960 counter-cultures
• Audience reception, fan cultures and fan production, past and present – backroom printing presses used for flyers and comic printing
• Zine cultures
• Musical Manga – RoadSong, Pure Trance, Berry Dynamite and more
• Comics and music journalism – Neil Gaiman meets Duran Duran, Joe Sacco tours with the Miracle Workers
• Comic book bands: from ‘Josie and the Pussycats’ to ‘Sex Bob-omb’
• Musical biopix (for example Reinhard Kleist’s Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness & Nick Cave: Mercy on Me or Pénélope Bagieu’s California Dreamin’)
• Musicians and comics creators: musicians creating comics (for example Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy or Tom Morello’s Orchid) or comics creators working in music (for example Jamie Hewlett and Gorillaz)
• Musical histories in comics form (for example Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree)
• Music and comics aesthetics: pop star style (2000AD’s Zenith and ‘Wic Div’)
• Anti-heroes in music magazines: Tank Girl in Deadline, Rock Power feat. ‘Heavy Metal’ Dredd
• Comics vs. album cover art (Robert Crumb, Charles Burns and Oliver East’s album covers / Marvel Hip-Hop variants)
• Music in the comics of Mike and Laura Allred – Graphik Muzik and Red Rocket 7
• The Jazz Age in comics – Roger Langridge, Hunt Emerson and Robert Crumb
• Comic book musicals – from It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman!, to Annie and Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark
• Musical ‘superheroes’ (for example Kiss and Alice Cooper’s fantastical adventures in comics)
• The musicality of the comics form: rhythm, pace and movement in and between panels
• The visualisation of musical sound – music in V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow
• ‘Performing’ comics and music – stage productions by Dave McKean et al.
• The music in film or TV adaptations of comics (for example Watchmen and Suicide Squad)

Please submit your abstract (300 words) and brief biography (100 words) to B.J.Chamberlin [at] no later than Friday 1 June 2018

Graphic Brighton is curated by Barbara Chamberlin, Alex Fitch and Elle Whitcroft, with support from Aanchal Vij.

This free event will be held at the University of Sussex on Friday July 20th, with talks by artists Hunt Emerson, The Surreal McCoy and George Hardie (Hipgnosis), plus a comic book creators’ discussion and multimedia DJ gig in the centre of Brighton (venue and time TBC) on the evening of July 19th featuring members of The Meow Meows, Cud and Howlround.

This event is funded by the University of Sussex Researcher-Led Initiative Fund.


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