There are various podcasts available to download from previous Graphic Brighton conferences. These include:

Graphic Brighton 2022: Comics by and for Young People

Panel Borders: Multimedia ComicsAudio producer Lance Dann and graphic novelist Hannah Berry discuss their comic and podcast called The Rez, which is a science-fiction title about kindness aimed at a young audience, how the different formats of storytelling interact, and invite input from readers.

Panel Borders: Unusual BuildingsFormer Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen and artist Cole Henley discuss the comic book adaptation of Rosen’s classic novella You’re Thinking About Tomatoes, in which a boy on a school trip gets embroiled in an adventure with a girl from a painting and a mummy come to life…

Panel Borders: Youth and WellbeingArtists Jaime Huxtable and Zara Slattery about their titles for younger readers including G Bear and Jammo, and Don’t Call Me a Tomboy respectively (and in a Q and A at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Hannah Berry chats to Fun Home author Alison Bechdel).

Panel Borders: Junkyard Jack and Monster FunArtists Matt Baxter and Danny Noble about illustrating Hire a Horror and Junkyard Jack and the Horse that Talked (also, Alex Fitch chats to Danny Noble’s publisher Liz Frances).

Graphic Brighton 2019: Making Comics Work

Anise Gallery founders Jacq & Joe + artists Owen Pomery & Alison Samson talk architecture comics / Justin Wadlow (Picardie University) discusses commissioning Amiens festival posters.

Artist Ottilie Hainswroth talks about working with students to make an anthology on Brighton Theatre Royal, and Hannah Berry discusses her work as Comics Laureate

Graphic Brighton 2018: Music and Comics

Zine creator Holly Casio discusses her various Bruce Springsteen inspired titles including Queers on the edge of town.

Writer David Bramwell discusses performance piece The Cult of Water, and musicians Danny Noble (The Meow Meows) and Will Potter (Cud) talk about their comics

Comics artists Hunt Emerson and Julie Hollings talk about the influence of music on their work including strips in alternative comix antholgies and album art

M. J. Hibbett and Rob Fleay talk about and perform music from animated superhero adventures from the 1960s, including tracks from the Batman TV show and Spider-Man cartoon.

Graphic Brighton presents: Caption 2017

A recording of cartoonist The Surreal McCoy and musician DJ Food discussing their projects The Wolf of Baghdad and The Search Engine with Alex Fitch.

Listen to Jinty website creator Jenni Scott talking to graphic novelists Hannah Eaton and Hannah Berry about how girls comics influence their work.

Graphic Brighton 2016: Conflict and Resolution

Kate Evans discusses her graphic biography Red Rosa, which illustrates the life of the Polish Revolutionary, and graphic novel Threads: From the Refugee Crisis.

Alex Fitch talks to graphic novelist Dave McKean about his book and multimedia project Black Dog – The Dreams of Paul Nash.

Bryan and Mary Talbot discuss their graphic novels Sally Heathcote: Suffragette and The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia, based on the life of French revolutionary Louise Michel.

Graphic Brighton 2015: Drawing in the Margins

You can hear a recording of Professor Martin Barker discussing Action Comic and his interview with Mills and McCarthy, recorded at mini Graphic Brighton (Nov 2015).

You can listen to a recording of Karrie Fransman interviewed by comics historian and publicist Tim Pilcher at Graphic Brighton (May) 2015.

A recording of the ‘Gay Manga’ panel discussion with Chie Kutsawada, Inko, Ilya and Emma Vieceli, in which the creators discuss their own manga inspired / related work, and the terminology of the genre.

Graphic Brighton 2014

A discussion of “What makes a good graphic novel” part 1, featuring Hannah Berry, Corinne Pearlman, Hannah Eaton and Nicola Streeten .

And part 2: where Pearlman, Berry, Streeten, Eaton, are joined by graphic novelists David Lloyd (V for Vendetta) and Ian Williams (The Bad Doctor).

Keynote interview with Chris Riddell discussing his career as a political cartoonist and children’s book illustrator, in conversation with Alex Fitch.