The inaugural Graphic Brighton Conference, held at the City Campus of the University of Brighton took place on 24th May 2014.

With a focus on local comic book and graphic novel creators, guests included Hannah Berry, Paul Collicutt, Lawrence Elwick, John Higgins, David Lloyd, Tim Pilcher, Chris Riddell, Nicola Streeten, Paul O’Connell, Daniel Locke and many more.

Hannah Berry, Ian Williams, Hannah Eaton, Corinne Pearlman and David Lloyd at Graphic Brighton 2014 – photos by Paul Slater

You can hear podcast recordings from the conference including:

“What makes a good graphic novel” part 1, featuring Hannah Berry, Corinne Pearlman, Hannah Eaton and Nicola Streeten

part 2 featuring Pearlman, Berry, Streeten, Eaton, David Lloyd and Ian Williams

Keynote interview with Chris Riddell discussing his career as a political cartoonist and children’s book illustrator, in conversation with Alex Fitch

The conference was organised by Barbara Chamberlin, Alex Fitch and Paul Slater in association with C21 – Research in 21st Century Writings at the University of Brighton.

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